17 The House Bread  Whole-grain, maple syrup and walnuts / white flour
29   Mosaic of grilled peppers Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and goat cheese
32 Eggplant Rolls  Feta cheese, pesto and grilled peppers
in a basket of tomatoes and green onions
32 Spicy tomato salad Basil in olive oil and hot peppers
29 Fried cauliflower  In a lemon, garlic and coriander marinade
32  Labaneh Olive oil, za'atar (hyssop), served with bread toasts
38 Onion soup Served with croutons and Parmesan
38 Soup of the Day
49  Garden Salad Lettuce and vegetables, with a vinaigrette dressing
topped with fried onions
49 Mediterranean Salad  Lettuce, onions and vegetables, sprinkled with feta cheese
croutons and black olives
38 Chicken wings With a sweet hot chili sauce
59 Rump stake on hot pan In wine and berries sauce
55 Beef Carpaccio Topped with Parmesan cheese
55   Liver Pâté Accomponied by onion jelly and toast
55  Sautéed mushrooms


Fillet of Beef  With pepper and cream / Cream of mushroom / Butter and garlic
Additional 100 g – NIS 55
129 Entrecote
Additional 100 g – NIS 45
8 Additional souce 
129 Lamb chops
99 Beef Stroganoff
69 Spring chicken
69 Hamburger Beef / Lamb
45 Children portion Schnitzel with fries / spaghetti and vegetables
94 Sea Bream Baked / Fried / Filleted and grilled / Garlic and wine / Green herb butter
94 Sea Bass   Baked with almond cream / Garlic and wine / Green herb butter
94  Trout Baked with almond cream / Garlic and wine / Green herb butter
Haloumi cheese /
59 St. Peter's Fish  French fries and vegetables
8 Extra sauce  * Served with baked potatoes and vegetables


79 Fried calamari
96 Shrimps With garlic and white wine sauce
96 Shrimps Martini Cream, garlic, basil and parmesan
135 Seafood Mix Clams, shrimp and calamari in garlic and wine
99 Bowl of clams in garlic 


59 Mushroom and cream spaghetti
59 Olive oil spaghetti Cherry tomatoes, basil, green onion, Kalamata olives and garlic
75 Baby shrimp spaghetti Cream, garlic and basil
69 A choice of quiches for vegaterian Ask the waiter
75 Cheese platter boutique goat milk Selling cheese weight ask the waiter

Little Tiberias Desserts

35 Fruit Sorbet
32 Crème brulée Cream, garlic and basil
39 Fondant chocolate Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream
39  Belgian Chocolate Pie Nutella hazelnut cream
39 Little Swiss chocolate Meringue and mascarpone cheese with a crispy layer
of chocolate and white chocolate drops gluten free

Hot drinks

12 Mint Tea
10/15 Espresso / double espresso
12/15 Americano
12/15 Cappuchino / decaffe
12/15 Macchiato
15 Hot cider With cinamon stick
19 Affogato Espresso with vanilla

Cold drinks

13 Sodas coke, fanta, sprite, zero, malt beer, club soda, fizzy cider, tonic water
13 Fruit juices grape, grapefruit, apple, peach ice-tea
13/35 Natural juices lemonade, orange
15/30 San Pellegrino small / large
15/30 San Benedetto small / large

Drafts Beers

28/35 Golan height boutique brewery fresh not filtered beer
23/28 Gold-star


29 Alcoholic cider
35/85  8% Belgium La Chouffe dark 8% / light
33 Kasteel Rouge Belgium
29  0.5  Weihenstephan Bottled dark 0.5 / light
33 Paulaner Bottled light
30 Heineken / Corona
30 Stella Artois
23/28 Gold-star / Macabi UF
23 Shandy Peach / Lemon
For any others Alcoholic beverage ask the waiter