Little Tiberias

Little Tiberias is a quality chef-restaurant with a menu featuring gourmet French Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is located inside a building that forms part of the ancient city wall of Tiberias and that dates back to Roman times. Its special setting, as well as the beautifully planned interior, grant Little Tiberias an exclusive European atmosphere, like a little French Riviera on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
The restaurant is family-owned, and was opened by Rafi, the head of the family and the founder. The whole family are culinary specialists, with generations of acquired knowledge. They are headed by the restaurant's chef, David Oudiz, whose kitchen produces excellent original dishes – starters, appetizers, soups and pastas, and succulent main dishes of fish, meat and seafood. Try our entrecote beef steak (300 g), beef Stroganoff (250 g fillet of beef), shrimp martini (with a sauce of cream, garlic and basil, topped with Parmesan) and a whole range of fine dishes. Our menu features a selection of desserts and many quality wines.

As befits a beautifully designed, romantic restaurant in a tourist destination, the clientele of Little Tiberias is very varied – guests are of all ages, foreign and Israeli tourists, couples, and regular clients from the city and the surrounding region who enjoy their dining experience and come back again and again. The atmosphere is relaxed, with a blend of harmonious background music – classical jazz, romantic music, and popular hits.

In the 1980s, the building housed a famous pub that was a major leisure attraction in Tiberias and for residents of the region. Later, an Italian restaurant was opened, but in recent years the site was renovated and improved. Some dishes on the menu (like our renowned steak with pepper and cream), remain as before, with all the tradition and know-how that the family accumulated.

The restaurant, designed by architect Gadi Shamir, has two wings: the old, authentic wing, with beautiful wood elements of old telephone poles carved in classic style, with wooden wine racks, and a mural painted by the famous Tiberias-born artist – Amos Yaskil. The beautiful new wing is larger, and now offers a bar that's perfect for drinking wine and spirits, and for dining too. You can also sit on the spacious balcony, with its windows offering impressive views. We are happy to cater private events in a separate room.